Cars Photography

Are you a motoring enthusiast? Do you want to see your passion looking like you’ve never seen it before?

Exclusive Photography is excited that it’s Melbourne studio has a full size Cyclorama Car Studio available to the public in Australia. Shane and his team will photograph your Classic or Prestige Car, Harley Davidson or any other vehicle, using their multi award winning photography skills to capture images you never imagined possible.

With 30 years of experience, you are in good hands with the award winning Exclusive Photography team.

The Experience

When you bring you vehicle to the Melbourne Exclusive Photography studio, we will take images form every possible angle, including interior shots and pictures of the engine bay if required as well, also take advantage of having some pictures taken of yourself with your car, this is something that you will really treasure in years to come.

The shoot should take about one hour, and straight after the shoot you will be able to view all the images, which will take about another hour, so please allow at least 2 and a half hours in total on the day. You can choose your finished portraits from a fully customisable range of options, and take advantage of our retouching services.

The Exclusive Difference
  • No matter what your vehicle, Exclusive Photography can cater a studio session to you
  • See your vehicle at its best with our state of the art studio styling
  • Customise your finished portraits from a wide range of options
  • Do justice to your passion with a stunning wall portrait


Cars Photography Gallery
How long does the shoot take??

The shoot will take approximately two hours, one of photography, and another afterwards when you review the photos and choose printing and editing options.

Will you take pictures of my car from a variety of angles and photograph the interior??

Yes we will photograph your car from almost every angle possible and we will photograph the interior and engine bay as well if you wish

Will I be able to be photographed with my vehicle as well??

Yes, we can take portraits of you with the vehicle, as well as the vehicle on its own.

In what condition should I bring my car??

Bring it as you’d like it for the shoot. We recommend freshly washed and waxed.

How much does it cost??

The photo package can be fully customised to you depending on both how you want the finished product to appear, and your budget. During the viewing after the shoot we run through various package options with you. The booking fee for a car shoot is $2,000, and this amount can go towards your order, which you will need to place on the day.   We also offer various payment plans to help you spread the cost over time, and we accept all major credit cards.

Do we get digital copies of the shots??

Digital images are available with some packages.

How long will it take to get my photos??

It will take approximately 4-8 weeks from the end of your viewing for your final portraits to be ready for collection. The finished order will be ready to pick up from our studio, or alternatively, we can arrange for delivery to your home at no extra cost (This service is only available in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland).

Who will be taking the photos??

Meet the staff of the Melbourne Exclusive Photography studio here.