Glamour photography

Exclusive Photography started 30 years ago with Shane Monopoli pioneering glamour photography in Australia. He was the best then, and still is. Tasteful and elegant, stylish and sexy, Exclusive Photography Brisbane provide an incomparable glamour photography experience.

No matter what you’re looking for, be it an exciting gift for your partner, a way to celebrate yourself, or something a little bit different, Exclusive Photography will have you looking your best. With fully customisable shoots and printing arrangements, we can work with you to create the perfect set of glamour photographs.

The Experience

Our friendly and professional make-up and hair stylists will work with you to prepare you for the shoot while you relax with a glass of champagne. After this you will meet and consult with the photographer so that you can work together to get the most out of the hour long shoot.

Afterwards you can immediately view your images and pick the best of them on the day. You can discuss the editing process and also choose which package you would like for your amazing new glamour portraits.

The Exclusive Difference
  • Look your best with the help of our award winning make-up and hair stylists
  • State of the art studios ensure your photos will have the highest production standards
  • Amazing results and a smooth and comfortable shoot are guaranteed thanks to Exclusive Photography’s award winning photographers
  • Come away from the session with a unique and tasteful set of photos to remember forever

SAVE $395

Glamour Photography Gallery
What do I bring??

Bring 3-4 sets of clothes, including shoes, belts, jewellery and accessories, including one set of long sleeves and pants. Also, if you are mainly doing this with the theme of boudoir in mind, please bring a variety of lingerie and accessories to help create the look you are after.

For plus size clients it’s a good idea to keep to long sleeves and darker coloured clothing. Choose necklines that are flattering, i.e. v-necks.

How long will the shoot take??

Allow between 3-4 hours for the shoot. Approximately one hour each for make-up and preparation, the shoot, and review.

How should I arrive??

Come with freshly washed hair with no product in it. This makes styling easier and your hair will look glossier under lights. Please have no make-up on, including mascara. Normal moisturiser is fine.

Finger and toe nails should be either freshly painted or have all traces of nail polish removed. Make sure your cut, colour, waxing or any other personal grooming requirements are done prior to your appointment.

How much does it cost??

The photo package can be fully customised to you depending on both how you want the finished product to appear, and your budget. During the viewing after the shoot we run through various package options with you. Our prices start from $290 for basic prints and go to over $1,000 for mounted framed portraits. We also offer various payment plans to help you spread the cost over time, and we accept all major credit cards.

What about any special ideas I have??

When you make the booking with Exclusive Photography make sure to explain any specific ideas you have for your shoot. This gives both the photographer and you time to prepare so that the shoot has the best results.

If there is a look you would like to recreate, bring an image of it along with the clothes and accessories needed to recreate it, and let our photographers make it happen.

Do we get digital copies of the shots??

Digital copies are available with some packages.

How long will it take to get my photos??

It will take approximately 4-8 weeks from the end of your viewing for your final portraits to be ready for collection. The finished order will be ready to pick up from our studio, or alternatively, we can arrange for delivery to your home at no extra cost (This service is only available in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland).

Who will be taking the photos??

Meet the staff of the Brisbane Exclusive Photography studio here.